House of Hun: where it all began


My Idea baby House of Hun is just over a month old, and I’m like a proud mother that can’t stop telling people how it was conceived. 

 The backstory

Like many people, I have been consumed by the phe-hun-enonon.  At first, I used it ironically, until it was too late, and it had burrowed its way into my brain, and implanted itself in there. 

If you are not fluent in the language of Hun, it’s important to know that much like Chinese or Vietnamese, the intonation gives the word a different meaning.

Huuunnnnn (I deeply question that person’s life choices ) 

HUNN! (Hello there, I am genuinely pleased to see you ) 

Hun? (Would you like an alcoholic beverage?) 

 The cool story

The name is heavily influenced by drag and ballroom scene houses, which in turn took both inspiration and in some cases their names from legendary fashion design houses. I liked the juxtaposition of the fabulous with the mundane. 

The real story 

It was this thing I kept shouting a lot to the the tune of Madness’s House of Fun during The Drunk at Vogue Pride 2016 boat party.


 Side note, that was probably the least obnoxious thing I did that day, and while I definitely had a lot of fun, Im not sure the guy that endured 45 minutes of me talking, in detail, about my IBS had a nice a time. That just means I like you though, it’s a good thing when I start to overshare. 

The moment of conception 

 In 2017 I was travelling (aka socially acceptable unemployment) to try and work out what I wanted to do with my life. As I gazed out of the window of a bus in Colombia, the inspiration hit me. Why not do fun tshirts?! 

The Yas Queen tshirt design was the original idea (more on that in another post) and I started thinking about how I could make it the thing that will one day make help me my own boss and a real adult human being. 

 Eleven months later and House of Hun was officially launched. 

 It’s something I do enjoy and makes me feel genuinely excited about. I will continue to do it even if it stays my side hustle, as it makes me happy. Though it will make me really happy if it becomes my actual job. So please buy my t-shirts 😘


I hope you enjoyed the first House of Hun blog post! Thanks huuuns xx


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